Granada Homes offers a host of amenities including:

  • A grocery store.
  • Coin-operated washing machines and dryers.
  • Pool tables.
  • Color televisions.
  • Events such as bingo, dominoes, checkers, doughnut and coffee socials.
  • There are monthly dances and various parties throughout the year.
  • A monthly birthday party.
  • Computer Room with 5 computers & internet access. On-site computer classes weekly.
  • Beautiful views of downtown San Antonio.
  • Walking distance to many of San Antonio's major tourist attractions including the Alamo, the San Antonio River, restaurants, shopping, and parks.

Granada Homes also has a nutrition lunch program provided by the City of San Antonio, Monday through Friday.

Granada Homes does not provide parking, however, there are several nearby parking lots available for tenants with automobiles. Tenants pay monthly or daily for parking in these lots to the parking companies.

The minimum age for residents of
Granada Homes is 62 years.